Band history

By chance we met, ANDY CAY and ACHIM JASPERT us in a rehearsal room in Münster, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. We were interested in the same kind of music and decided spontaneously to found the band "SPLIT MIRRORS". PETER DELAIN completed the band. We set up our own studio to be able to work at any time. We wrote our first songs and recorded EPs titled THE RIGHT TIME (Extended Version) and VOICES (Extended Version). After the debut single THE RIGHT TIME (Let´s go crazy mix) followed appearances at home and abroad. It was followed by the album 1999.

Many artists from the Münster scene made their music here and were able to record them in the studio. Musicians such as WestBam, Frank Mertens of Alphaville, Dr. Ring-Ding, Bawa Abudu, Ulrich Hesselkamp, ​​Doc Heyne and Simon Cay. Musicians of different styles such as jazz, rock, reggae, jungle and synth pop met in this way. That's how they influence each other. There were also many possibilities to make music together. Some also participated in songs by Split Mirrors. Simultaneously we began to remix some of the old titles of the Split Mirrors. The new versions of the songs were released as Maxi CD, among others 1999 Freestyle and VOICES Freestyle.

Slowly the cooperation with other artists became one of our main jobs. Some were totally newcomers or already further, others were international stars. We composed, composed texts for Marani, Mike Bauhaus, Andreas Martin and Wolfgang Petry. These sold over 5 million records and there were numerous gold or platinum awards.

In 2006 HENRY FLEX became our new band member as a keyboardist. At the beginning of 2007 he developed the album IN LONDON, whose first EP release SPLIT MIRRORS FREESTYLE REMIXES. In January 2011 we released our album FROM THE BEGINNING. These are mainly unpublished songs from our early years in the style of the time. In addition, the album contains some new songs, including the Chinese singer Fan Jiang. Outcouplers followed with various remixes, as downloads like e.g. Don't BREAK MY HEART, THE NEW MAN, MORE IN GLASS, SILENT WAY and LOVE IS JUST A WASTE OF TIME. In 2016 the 80s songs THE RIGHT TIME 2016 and VOICES 2016 get a new touch by cooperating with international DJ's.
With "WITHOUT YOUR LOVE" and "DANGEROUS GAME", Split Mirrors 2020 are now releasing their last, previously unreleased songs as a tribute to Andy Cay.

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